wedding agency punta cana


Hey there guys, It’s Jenn!

Being the owner of Jennifer C. Wedding & Event Agency in the Dominican Republic, and a much-loved wedding planner and organizer, I wanted to share my experience and passion for wedding with you – my readers, hence this blog. This is my way to help you design genuinely fresh, novel, and impressive wedding experiences.

My ability to create delightful wedding experiences is a product of my deep passion for everything ‘wedding’. I specialize in creating memorable, one-of-a-kind weddings that redefine wedding experiences for my clients, their families, and their guests so much that they cannot help but beam with happiness and sparkle in their eyes when the magic unfolds before them on the D-day. As a career Hospitality professional with 13 + years of experience in world-renowned organizations, I have perfected the art of event planning, organizing, execution, and delivering exceptional customer service. I bring to you all the expertise that I have acquired over the years. So, let me help you create an awe-inspiring wedding.

Wedding Agency Punta Cana


Wedding Agency Punta Cana